Wow-what a difference a year makes

If anyone were to tell me that we would be where we are now this time last year, i wouldn’t have believed it, i don’t think i would have even let myself hope it. 

This week we received TB’s ‘discharge’ form (you never actually get fully discharged from his treatment centre, you could phone back at any point and speak to someone or get an appointment) incredible!! considering that this time last year i was struggling to get TB to accept that we needed more help.

i just wanted to share some of the lovely things that have been happening since my last post. We had a wonderful christmas period, celebrating with friends and family, we had plans to manage any difficult moments TB may come across and ensured that we had realistic expectations him and his eating/drinking/exercising over this period. 

We also went away for New Years on a climbing trip with some friends, i was slightly worried because i knew that the shops wouldn’t be great and i wasn’t sure that there would be enough suitable food, but we had the most incredible fresh baguettes filled with salami, cheese, salad and avocado everyday (that was a BIG achievement-bread used to be a massive no go).

I even managed to phone TB up the other day completely out the blue after a rubbish day at work and suggest we go out for dinner-i have never done that before, and even as i did it i thought he would say no, but he agreed and we had a lovely dinner out. He did go for a long walk afterwards, but it’s ok, the achievement was in the dinner.

And then the most exciting thing (and the reason why this blog has been so quiet) is that we are buying a house! Those of you who have read this whole post will know that this summer i was feeling particularly low as all my friends around me live’s were moving forward and i felt like we were just stuck. So it is just so wonderful to think that we are now moving forward, TB has been awesome and involved and i feel like it is going to be our house together, he now has the headspace to focus on things other than eating and exercising.

I just wanted to share these as things of hope for anyone else who is in my position, i never believed we would be where we are now, and so don’t stop hoping and trying and fighting!


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