TB’s assessment

So we went to TB’s treatment centre last week to have an update with the psychologist there and see how he’s been getting on over the last 5 months.

It was the first time i have been back there since we went for his initial assessment, and the first thing that struck me is how places illicit such emotional responses within us. As we drove up and parked and walked up to the door i could so vividly picture us walking up to that front door about 6/7 months earlier. It had been a stress even getting to that point, and TB had to make up a reason to work as to why he needed the morning off, and i remember that morning feeling a sense of disbelief that we had even got there, feeling so tired of it all, so stressed and emotional that they may not be able to help us, and praying that they would be able to. This time it was different, TB was clearly happy to be going, everyone we met was friendly (i met his body image therapist, who was a lovely lady and he clearly felt so relaxed to be chatting to her) I was a little nervous, but the deep tiredness and exhaustion that i had been feeling last time has gone.

So we had his assessment, which went well, they seem happy with his progress, how he is engaging with it, but i was relieved to hear that they still felt he does have a way to go (because i agree) and that when the time does come to reduce and stop treatment it will be a decision we all make 🙂 I was able to voice some of my concerns and the therapist said that it would be a good idea to get everyone together (including me) so that i can ask my questions and we can all come up with a plan when the time comes. It was so nice to hear that i would be included in this, because whilst this is TB’s therapy, we are a team and as and when it does reduce/finish, we will be left to continue on the journey together.

Interestingly i mentioned to TB in the assessment that i still think he has a long way to go with addressing lots of his fear foods, for example the idea of eating even the smallest bite of chocolate still terrifies him, (i am a serious chocaholic!) he still sees it as un-pure, thinks it will dirty his body and thinks that he will suddenly gain a ton of weight from eating it. Amazingly, he agreed, and said that he should try eating some and face it head on, i am ASTOUNDED!

Anne x


2 thoughts on “TB’s assessment

  1. I’m so pleased to hear of such good progress. I read every post and know that your situation and how you explain it on here will help so many others. Many men, as you know, still suffer in silence, and so do their significant others. You are a great example of a supportive voice.

    • Thank you for your lovely comment,
      When i decided to start writing this i said that if i could help just one other person to know they are not alone then it would be worth it, peoples responses have been wonderful, i hope to be able to keep updating with good progress news 🙂 Anne x

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