It’s the little things..

Just a short one today..

TB’s treatment seems to be going well, he’s still going and engaging in it, coming home and talking through it with me and then sitting down to think about and write down all the ‘homework’ he has to do.

So far i’ve noticed some small changes, he built up the courage to tell work (an incredible achievement for him, aside from our friends knowing, his boss and colleague knowing was equally as terrifying). But also trying new foods, i’ve seen him put some cheese in a sandwich-something i have never seen him do before, cheese is a danger food in his eyes, his portions of carbs have slightly increased, he’s talking about what he’d like to do and where he would like to get to…this is all so exciting, but i am trying to stay calm and not get over excited to quickly, this is going to be a long road.

But the biggest thing that i have noticed was actually a very little thing which happened yesterday morning. TB leaves for work before me and so is up before me, i was in the shower and remembered that the trousers i needed for work were on the line, so came downstairs to go out, when out the back door and the line was empty…..TB had bought the washing in!! Now this may seem like nothing, and people may be thinking ‘great, he probably just wanted something off it himself’ but having been with him for nearly 5 years now i know that he doesn’t think to do things like that (not unless i’ve nagged him a gazillion times!). TB’s mornings are spent working through a process of physio, making breakfast, sorting out lunch, more physio and thats the way its been for over a year now. But yesterday he surprised me, yes it was the smallest of things but i’m taking great comfort and joy from it, no it wasn’t some grand romantic gesture, but for me it mean’t so much-actively being involved in the mundane day to day runnings of the house, our house. X


2 thoughts on “It’s the little things..

  1. It’s nice to hear about these small changes and they do indeed make a difference in a person’s life. I’ve read all of your blog posts and wanted to reach out and say what a fantastic job you are doing in supporting someone with an incredibly stressful illness. In the midst of despair and fear everyone needs someone to lean on. Good luck in moving forward.

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